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Paquette Plumbing – Dependable Master Plumbers Serving Vermont

As master plumbers, we have the ability to provide heating and cooling solutions along with repairs or modifications to existing systems. We handle new construction projects, additions, remodeling and replacements of all types of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC).
Our experienced team of master plumbers means prompt responses for all your plumbing needs. Whether for residential, commercial or industrial projects, we have the team to get both the small and large projects done on time as promised and done right the first time.

Yes! Now You Can Have Comfort with Energy Savings

We all want to achieve the highest level of comfort in our homes and businesses conveniently and at the least possible operating costs. We’ll show you how to have it all, thanks to many advancements in technology that have made good choices affordable. Ask us about heating and air conditioning systems, boilers and furnaces, water heaters and water treatment systems that reliably deliver comfort, convenience and efficiency every day.

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HVAC Systems

Heat pumps offer efficient, individual room control and allergen filtration with no ductwork! Be as comfortable as you want to be—anywhere in your home. Bring cool comfort to any room without wasted energy or noise.

Water Softeners

Water quality can differ from region to region, and from home to home in the same town. Paquette Plumbing can customize a water softening system for your Vermont home that will precisely treat your water's problem.  

Hot Water Heaters

Hot water is essential to our daily lives — but it quickly adds up to higher energy bills. We’ll help guide you to energy-efficient water heaters and other replacement options that fit your lifestyle and budget.
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Joe just left. It was a pleasure to have someone so nice and respectful. He was so terrific, clean & courteous! You have a customer for life. We’ll call you in August to arrange boiler service.

Thank you for an excellent job well done! That guy was excellent!

Mike and Tony were so polite, courteous and clean. They used a drop cloth and cleaned up afterward. They explained everything which gave me complete trust and faith in what they were doing. Phenomenal, tremendous service. Thank you!

Thank you for the quality work and responsiveness!

Your two technicians were great, Mike W & Mike K!  I have lived in 8 states and never had anyone be so clean, work so hard.

Thank you!!

Tony was great! Very professional, got the job done.  Good companies are hard to find- Thank you for everything!