Remodeling and Additions – Enlist the Exerptise of Rutland’s Master Plumbers

When considering the options available for investing in improvements and additions to your home, understand the importance of including Paquette Plumbing – Rutland’s master plumbers for the design and installation of core systems.

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling, and Additions Add Value

Ask any expert in real estate and you’ll hear that focusing on your kitchen and bathrooms will be the best investment you can make. Paquette Plumbing can demonstrate where you can invest in energy efficiency to add even more value to your project.

Radiant Heat vs Forced Hot Air Heating System

Radiant Heat vs Forced Hot Air Heating System

Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is an excellent consideration when planning remodeling and additions to your home. When considered during the planning stages and before construction, it can be an incredibly cost-effective way to heat your home and enjoy savings for decades to come. Everyone agrees, nothing beats a warm floor during Vermont’s winters!

Humidification Systems

Do you heat with wood? It’s a great heat that’s preferred by many, but it comes with a need to humidify the air. Some of the signs of  humidity that is too low are: Dry itchy skin, frequent static shocks when touching almost anything, dry eyes, nose and throat and creaky furniture that shrinks from being too dry.

Water Softening, and Treatment Systems

Vermonters enjoy high quality well water or city water in many areas of the state, but even the best may need treatment to prevent buildup of minerals on faucets, shower walls and toilets. Additionally, we can make your water so great tasting and smelling that you’ll never again need to by bottled water. Think about those savings!  And you’ll be helping the environment by keeping all those annoying plastic bottles out of the landfills. Planning such improvements when planning remodeling and additions save considerably from adding it later on. Click here to learn more about Water Softener Systems.

Air Conditioning, Hot Water, and Dehumidification Systems

Air conditioning is always appreciated during those humid summer days and nights we experience in summer. Ask us about our efficient systems that can remove moisture while cooling the air and even creating hot water! There are numerous advancements in technology available to make our homes more comfortable and cost less to operate.

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