Town of Proctor: Water Softener Systems

10 Jun

Town of Proctor Vermont Drinking WaterWhen the Town of Proctor made the cut-over to its new water system in December of 2014, the town’s water went from being bad to hard.  Water hardness was a definite issue with Proctor’s new system—magnesium and calcium levels jumped 10 to 20 times the previous levels.  Nick Paquette, knowing that many water softening systems would be needed, went into action.  He worked with a water softener supplier to acquire complete systems at cost, so the savings could be passed on to residents in need of solutions.

The problem:

Safe, but hard drinking water.

Hard water does not easily produce lather or suds in household uses, and presents aesthetic issues and some infrastructure concerns, and can cause minor health issues for a limited number of residents..

Problem Solution

The solution:

Water softening systems. 

Nick Paquette of Paquette Plumbing attended the Proctor residents’ meeting in April of 2015 and offered significant discounts to Proctor, Vermont households thanks to  planning and his desire to help solve a vexing problem.  When proctor residents lined up to take advantage of the savings, Nick knew he had done the right thing for the town.

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