Water Softener Systems

Water softener systems help mitigate hard water

Water Softener & Water Treatment Systems

What is “hard water” and
what should I do about it?

Water that trickles through deposits of calcium, magnesium, limestone, chalk, and/or dolomite ends up with a high mineral content, or hardness. While not harmful, these minerals cause deterioration and eventually water system failures when they build up in boilers, water heaters, or faucets.

Benefits of Water Softener Systems

Vermont has excellent water and we love to drink it straight from the tap.

  • Depending on your well or municipal system, the taste and hardness may require filtering or a softener to provide clean refreshing water with improved taste.
  • Installing a water softener system allows you to enjoy your water from the tap while reducing your expenses of buying bottled water.
  • By installing a water softener, you’re also helping to keep plastic bottles out of landfills, as well as reducing the amount of gas and oil used to produce and deliver plastic bottles.

A Water Softener Can Save You Money

Anyone with a modern water treatment system will confirm that it will keep your water tasting great. But even better, a water softener can save you money by preventing damaging lime build-up, staining and the costly plumbing repairs associated with high iron content and calcium buildup.

Water Systems Keep Your Water Tasting Great

Actually, great tasting water has no taste at all! We’ll show you options on the best way to keep water tasting great while eliminating unsightly damage caused by hard water build-up on fixtures, faucets and pipes. Hard water problems are solved with reliable water softener systems and/or whole house water filtration systems installed by knowledgeable plumbers that want to keep you as customers for decades, not just a season.

Benefits of water softening systems



Paquette Plumbing will visit your home, inspect your fixtures for signs of hard water damage, test your water, and provide a written assessment of your needs.  We’ll recommend the right water softener system to balance your water, reduce hardness, and improve taste.


Our expert plumbers will install your water softener system for the maximum benefit for your home and family.  We are certified installers and work in accordance with all municipal water system requirements if you are part of a town or city water supply.


Our service team provides annual check-ups and servicing on your water softener and filtration system to keep it operating for optimal results at minimal costs.  Call us today at 802-353-0125 and choose from a wide range of available options to enjoy years of virtually carefree improvements to your water quality. Install a water softener system and you’ll be pleased at how you immediately notice the difference in smell, taste and suds!

Water Softener Special Paquette Plumbing recommends WaterSoft Water Softeners. Click on the image to learn more.