Plumbers for New Construction

HVAC and Water Systems to Fit Every Style of New Construction

Call Paquette Plumbing to learn about many new construction opportunities that you may want to include for cost-effective, energy efficiency improvements. We install all types of HVAC systems for commercial buildings and residential homes as well as water systems for softening, filtering and purification.

Smart Planning Saves Money – Forever!

Planning for long-term energy savings and operating costs is a smart way to think about residential and commercial new construction. Whether building a home, office building or warehouse, creating a comfortable space for family, employees or customers should be an important consideration. As well, the operating costs of such systems should be considered as being critically important.

Explore the Huge Variety of Options for Greener Buildings

Solar, geothermal, oil, propane, natural gas, wood, heat pump, radiant, forced hot air, baseboard hot water… Let’s face it, the variety of options available for reductions in energy consumption and reducing carbon footprints in today’s new construction are seemingly endless. Some are incredibly attractive from a green perspective and some are incredibly expensive from an installation cost perspective, while others are very attractive from an operating cost perspective. Before dismissing any of the options, allow us to present the range of options so you can decide what fits best for your project. Operating costs go on and on forever, so thinking beyond initial installation costs will help you determine how cost effective new technology may be for you. The only thing that’s certain is that when plannning a new construction project, you have every option to consider, unlike a retrofit to an existing building where limitations may determine your options and operating costs.  Before completing your plans, give us a call to take a look at the choices available to be kind to environment and your wallet.