Furnace Cleaning Service —
The Paquette Difference

Our Philosophy:  Service relationships for decades – not just a season.

At Paquette Plumbing, honest reliable service is the difference.  We install quality and dependability with all the systems we sell. Proper servicing keeps everything running at optimal performance.  Call Paquette and we’ll schedule a recurring time to to clean your furnace or boiler annually to keep it performing safely and efficiently throughout the long heating season. Year after year, you can count on us to keep your home warm and comfortable.

Annual furnace cleaning maintains efficiency and saves you money

No system runs forever the without proper, recommended service.  Heating, cooling and water treatment systems all need regular annual maintenance for the highest degree of efficiency, comfort and dependability—as well as to extend the life of the equipment.  Depending on your system, service programs include inspection, cleaning, lubrication, filter replacement, testing and tagging so you’ll know you’re in good shape for the coming year. Our service and preventive maintenance programs are designed to save you money by avoiding costly breakdowns and emergency service calls in the middle of the night when systems that don’t get properly serviced and maintained fail.

Annual furnace or boiler cleaning & inspection by trained technicians will bring your system back to its highest operating efficiency.  Depending on whether you have oil, natural gas or a propane system, we’ll perform routine maintenance including:

  • remove soot build-up
  • replace oil filters
  • inspect and/or replace fan belts
  • clean the combustion chamber
  • test flue gasses to determine how efficiently your system is using fuel
  • check for carbon monoxide leaks
  • clean fan blades, and
  • tag the equipment with the signature of the technician so you know when the service was performed.

Schedule-Annual-ServiceAn ounce of service really will avoid a pound of repair.

Call Paquette Plumbing today at 802-353-0125.  You’ll appreciate our honest approach because we want you as a customer for life, not just a season.