Save money on your energy bills with a heat pump hot water heater

15 May

Most homeowners who have heat pumps use them to heat and cool their homes. But a heat pump also can be used to heat water — either as stand-alone water heating system, or as combination water heating and space conditioning system.

How much can you save?

Heat Pump Hot Water Plumbing Efficiency Experts

Heating water is one of the costliest sources of energy consumption for Vermont households, typically costing at least $400 annually. Heat pump water heaters can cost half as much to operate as traditional electric resistance water heaters, and can save as much as $3,250 over the lifetime of the unit. Not only do they heat water, heat pump water heaters also air condition and dehumidify the space around them. (For more information visit Efficiency Vermont)

US Department of Energy Heat Pump Water Heater DiagramHow Heat Pump
Water Heaters Work

Heat pump water heaters use electricity to move heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly. Therefore, they can be two to three times more energy efficient than conventional electric resistance water heaters.  (To learn more about how Heat Pump Water Heaters work, visit this page at the US Department of Energy Facilities

Selecting a Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat pump water heater systems typically have higher initial costs than conventional storage water heaters. However, they have lower operating costs, which can offset their higher purchase and installation prices.

Heat Pump Hot Water Potential Savings over lifetime of unit

Homeowners have the potential to save even more with rebates and federal tax credits on Heat Pump Hot Water heaters. Offers vary. We will help you achieve the most savings for your unit. Before buying a heat pump hot water heating system, Paquette Plumbing will help guide you through considering:

  • Size and first hour rating
  • Fuel type and availability
  • Energy efficiency (energy factor)
  • Informing you of potential tax credits and rebate offers
  • Overall costs

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